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Superplasticizers significantly reduce the amount of water needed in a concrete mix while maintaining or improving its workability. This leads to higher strength and durability due to a lower water-to-cement ratio.


Improved workability and flowability of the concrete make it easier to place, compact, and finish. This is especially important in construction projects where complex shapes or congested reinforcement require a highly workable mix.


Superplasticizers contribute to the development of high-strength concrete by allowing for lower water-cement ratios. This results in improved compressive strength, which is essential in structural applications.


By reducing water content and increasing density, superplasticizers enhance the durability of concrete. The denser concrete helps resist the penetration of harmful substances such as water, chloride ions, and sulfates.


Superplasticizers help control bleeding (water movement to the surface) and segregation (separation of aggregates), ensuring a more uniform and homogeneous final product.


25KG/bag, multi-layer woven bag with inner polyethylene bag.

Store in a dry and cool place, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight.

2 years

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