Building Materials Additive

Hydroxypropyl Starch Ether (HPS) For Construction


Cement-based mortars and renders: HPS is commonly used in cement-based mortars and renders as a binder and water retention agent. It improves the workability of the mortar or render, making it easier to apply and ensuring a smooth, even finish.


Self-leveling compounds: HPS is also used in self-leveling compounds to improve their flowability and self-leveling properties. It helps to ensure a level surface, even in areas with uneven substrates.


Tile adhesives: HPS is added to tile adhesives to improve their adhesion properties, water retention, and workability. It ensures a strong bond between the tile and the substrate, and prevents the adhesive from drying out too quickly.


Gypsum-based materials: HPS is added to gypsum-based materials, such as plaster and joint compound, to improve their water retention and workability. It also enhances the bonding strength and reduces the risk of cracking or shrinking.


Cement-based coatings: HPS is used in cement-based coatings, such as waterproofing coatings and stucco, to improve their bonding strength, water retention, and workability. It ensures a strong, durable coating that is resistant to water damage and other environmental factors.

Hoxcel 4200 Series

25KG/bag, multi-layer woven bag with inner polyethylene bag.

Store in a dry and cool place, away from sources of heat, flame, and direct sunlight.

2 years


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