Oilfield Additive

Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) For Oil Drilling


Drilling Fluids: CMC is used as a rheology modifier, thickener, and stabilizer in oil-based drilling fluids. It helps to improve the flow properties of the fluid, reduce the risk of wellbore instability, and increase the efficiency of drilling operations.


Completion Fluids: CMC is used in oil-based completion fluids as a stabilizer and filtration control agent. It helps to prevent the separation of oil and water-based fluids and reduce the amount of solids produced during drilling operations.


Fracturing Fluids: CMC is used in hydraulic fracturing fluids to help control fluid loss and improve viscosity. It can also be used as a proppant carrier and breaker.


Cementing: CMC is used in cementing operations as a fluid loss control agent and rheology modifier. It helps to improve the flow properties of the cement slurry and reduce the risk of cement failure.


Enhance Oil Recovery: CMC is used in enhanced oil recovery processes to improve the viscosity and mobility of the injected fluids. This helps to improve the efficiency of the recovery process and increase the amount of oil that can be recovered.

Cabcel 3000 Series

25kg/kraft bag

Store in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place to avoid exposure to moisture, heat, and direct sunlight

2 years


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